A nutritious and delicious menu is just the beginning!

Our vision is to create fresh, nutritious and enticing cuisine that encourages families to eat well and educate children about healthy food choices.

Calima Coffee

Your Caffeine Fix

We hear you - the coffee has to be good! Colombian Connection is 100% organic and our coffee of choice. Relax with an expertly made coffee by our Barista, and enjoy our complimentary wifi!

Calima Coffee

Our Kitchen Team

Our Kitchen Team is here to provide you with wholesome and healthy food options suited to the whole family. All food is served fresh from our on-site kitchen, with locally sourced ingredients.

Calima Coffee

Our Menu

Our vision is to keep kids healthy and active. Food choices play a large part in this, which is why we have created a wholesome, tasty and healthy menu.

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No Outside Food

We have this policy for 2 very important reasons:

  1. Hygiene and food safety: In order to provide the cleanest environment for you and your family, we need to know what is in our facility at all times. This minimises outside germs coming in and cross contamination of food.
  2. Food allergies: By knowing what consumable items are in our facility at all times, we can minimise risks to those families that have severe food allergies. While we do carry some nut-based products, we do not sell peanut-based items and constantly evaluate our product offerings to accommodate families with food allergies.