The Easiest Kids Birthday Party

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by Jacqui Owens


Having given birth 4 months ago to my third progeny, life is pretty busy for me now. I’m in survival mode at the moment and consider achieving the bare minimum an award-winning effort!

As we inched closer to her birthday this year, my now 6-year-old Madeline couldn’t stop talking about her “party” which to my mind, was as likely to happen as the bags under my eyes disappearing AKA UNLIKELY.

But somehow, after relentless pestering, in a moment of weakness, I began talking as if the party was actually going to happen. Ummm…. What?? And suddenly I was discussing venues! There was no way I’d be able to pull together a party at our house, this year at least. So where could we host it?

It was my RDM partner in crime Jess that suggested we reach out to Jungle Buddies Five Dock and see if they’d be keen to work with us for Maddie’s party. I was THRILLED when they said yes!



Of all the play centres I can think of, Jungle Buddies is an absolute stand out. Here’s what I like about it:

  • it’s light and bright
  • the decor is really nice
  • the food is healthy
  • it’s clean
  • the staff are very professional
  • there is a full and unobstructed view of the play equipment from the parent’s tables
  • as I now know, having a party there is an absolute winner



Here are the things I DIDN’T have to do at the party because Jungle Buddies had it covered:

  • set up a table for children to eat lunch
  • hang decorations
  • blow up balloons
  • provide entertainment
  • prepare and serve food for adults/kids
  • put together party bags
  • clean up
  • wash dishes
  • make coffees

Here’s what I DID have to do:

  • bring a cake (yes, I outsourced it)
  • talk to my guests (usually not possible with all the running around!)
  • wonder if I’d forgotten something because it all seemed too easy (nope hadn’t forgotten anything)



The way it works is you pay for the children only (discounts apply after the 10th child) and that will get you unlimited play, exclusive use of a party room with dedicated party host, lunch and games, a reserved table and party bags. On top of that, you can add things like food for the adults, balloons, face painters, additional reserved tables and more! You can get the full details here.

You can even go BIG hire the whole venue out for a reasonable price, or go smaller, hiring just a table on play centre floor and covering the minimum spend.

I would highly recommend Jungle Buddies for a kids birthday party. They were professional, organised and great to work with from go to woe. In the lead up to the event, the party planners were really helpful and straight-shooting in regards to figuring out what would work best for us. Then on the day of the party, the party hosts were as friendly and efficient as I could possibly hope for. I was particularly impressed by the party run sheet, detailing the day’s activities such as lunchtime, cake time etc. I also loved the box for storing kids shoes during playtime and the huge bag for carrying home all the presents at the end of the party! They have thought of everything!

Thank you Jungle Buddies, for agreeing to partner with us on Madeline’s party! Our guests reported having a fantastic time, as did the birthday girl!


The Details

Address: Level 2, 97 Queens Rd, Five Dock

Phone1300 883 819

School Term Hours: Tue – Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm, Sat & Sun 9:30am – 5:00pm

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